Do You Really Want the Cheapest Color Copies?

When you have a high-volume copying project to do, but are on a tight budget, you might think that the best course of action is skimping on the copying costs. But do you really want the cheapest color copies? At Seaboard Graphics, we know it’s important to you to save money, and we work hard to help keep our prices low. However, we think you should know that when you choose the cheapest color copies out there, you’re also going to sacrifice quality – and that can be a detriment to how people view you professionally.

Poor quality color copies are easy to recognize. First of all, they’ll lack vibrant, rich color. And, they likely will vary in color from one to the next, and some may appear significantly more faded than the others. Not to mention, the cheapest color copies are often made on outdated or poorly functioning equipment, which can lead to ink blots, lines and other unwanted markings on your color copies. Additionally, the cheapest color copies are also usually printed on low-quality paper, which allows for bleed-through of inks on two-sided copies, and makes your finished product simply less attractive and less durable.

At Seaboard Graphics, we don’t offer the cheapest color copies around, but we do offer you the best. It’s important to us that you are able to put your best foot forward, so we constantly update and maintain our copying equipment, and use only the best inks and papers for the job. When you choose us for your color copying job, you can count on receiving beautiful finished product, including such items as:

  • Brochures
  • Manuals
  • Flyers
  • Packet covers
  • Menus
  • Certificates
  • Bulletins
  • Much More!

The cheapest color copies are not always the best – count on Seaboard Graphics to provide you with the most attractive color copies at a good price. Call us at 800.721.1663 or contact us online, and we’ll help you get the color copies you need, fast.