POP & Kit Assembly in Syracuse NY

pop kit assembly

Sometimes, direct mail you’d like to send to your clients might not fit in a standard envelope.  Maybe you’d like to send them a hat, or a DVD, or a stuffed animal! No matter what kind of direct mail piece you’d like to send to your client, Seaboard Graphics can help.

We’re staffed with people who care about helping you look your professional best, so if you need your direct mail to be hand-packaged, we’re happy to help. So whether you need to send your direct mail in a box, a tube or any other kind of specialty package, Seaboard Graphics will make sure it reaches your clients, beautifully.

If you want to send a direct mail that’s a little different, contact us here or give us a call at 800.721.1663, and we’ll be happy to help you think outside the envelope!