At Seaboard Graphics, We Listen to Our Customers

When you’re looking for a printing company that provides quality products and fast turnaround, you know you can trust Seaboard Graphics for all of your needs. But did you know that at Seaboard, we do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction? That’s because we believe it’s simply not enough to provide the very best products and services – we believe that how we treat our customers is just as important.

When you trust Seaboard to meet your needs, we work to make sure you’re satisfied from the time you place your order to the moment you receive it. First of all, we provide a fast turnaround – we know you need your product as quickly as possible, which is why we work hard to make sure your order is received as quickly as possible.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter to Seaboard if your order is small or large – from one personalized piece to a large order of hundreds of pieces, you’ll receive the same priority service, personal attention and quality of craftsmanship. And, we always have the product you need available – you can count on Seaboard having exactly what you need every time you place an order with us.

We also strive to make sure your order is correct the first time. Nothing is as frustrating as receiving printed material only to discover that it is incorrect. We take great strides to ensure that this doesn’t happen to our customers. And, we work with your timeline in mind – meeting firm due dates is just as important to us as it is to you.

For example, one of our customers was recently up against a very tight deadline. In late September, they found themselves up against a time crunch, as a large inventory was on hold and the pages they sent out to customers had been held up in the company’s art department for too long. They presented their concern to their Seaboard account manager.

Because she had taken the time to get to know her client and understand their unique needs, their account manager was able to put a plan into motion. She was able to collect all the necessary files and to prepare the various departments at Seaboard to make changes, proof, print and deliver the needed items the following day. While the usual turnaround with Seaboard is three to five business days, she understood the needs of her client, wanted to help them in any way she could, and worked with her team at Seaboard to get the necessary items done and out the door when the client needed them.

At Seaboard, we understand the importance of planning, but we also know there can be hiccups along the way – which is just one more reason we believe in great client communications and relationships. Our dedicated account management team listens to their clients, ease their situations and provide options and resolutions for all of their printing and apparel needs.

As you can see, listening to our clients, meeting their needs and treating every one of them as individuals is important to all of us at Seaboard Graphics. If you want a company that can provide excellent product without skimping on personalized service, trust Seaboard to meet your needs. Simply call us at (315) 652-4200 to find out more.